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Our Mission : To provide an opportunity for women leaving prison to live and work on a farm where they grow food, nourish self, and foster community.

The Benevolence Farm Oral History Project

Recorded interviews & photos of female re-entrants


Liza was incarcerated five years and moved into a...


Liz talks about moving past her experience being...


When Lynn got pregnant unexpectedly after high...

About the Program

Stable housing and gainful employment are critical for the successful transition of women returning from prison. Benevolence Farm seeks to fulfill this crucial need in North Carolina through an innovative social-enterprise based program.

Benevolence Farm will provide a transitional living program for up to 12 women leaving North Carolina prisons.  We recognize that change must come from within, but can be cultivated and inspired through a supportive, natural environment. Our goal is to give our participants the time and space — figuratively and literally — to make real, lasting changes.

Participants will develop skills in sustainable farming, small business practices, food preparation and presentation in an environment that fosters improved physical, spiritual and financial health. Residents will actively contribute to the wellbeing of the farm, staking a claim in the program’s — and more importantly their own — success.

We are creating the program to become partially self-supporting through the production and sale of sustainably grown produce and products, thereby ensuring that the program continues to serve as many women as possible. Benevolence Farm is unique in combining a sustainable environment with a holistic social service mission thereby creating a mutually beneficial relationship enabling the healing of people with and through caring for the earth.

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